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Co-founder and CEO

Nikhara Nirghin is co-founder and CEO at Chima. She started Chima with Kiara, her sister after working at both Goldman Sachs and Deloitte Consulting and understanding the difficulties of activating enterprise data with AI. Nikhara earned her MBA at London Business School and did her undergrad and postgrad in Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science. Awards: International best paper on stochastic data modeling by the Reinsurance Group of America.

Co-founder and CTO

Kiara Nirghin is co-founder and CTO at Chima. She started Chima based on her experience of the importance in building robust, smarter ways of bringing raw business data to generative AI models. She both studied and taught at Stanford (CS / AI) and is a Thiel Fellow. Kiara won the International Google Science Grand Prize with her data first approach to algorithms and predictive modeling. She worked at Meta and Google. Awards: Time Magazine's Most Influential people.

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