Truly know your customers with a suite of marketing products designed to find your customers and reach them


Gather deeper insights on your market, customers and competitors, design content that speaks to them, reach out to them and continuously optimize this flow. 

There is a product for every customer and a product for every customer. With Chima you are able to find your customers and reach them.

Results that Sid is able to drive

Increase customer engagement

• 80% higher engaged content on social media
• 50% higher email open rates
• 40% higher click-through rates

Deeper Insights

• 99% better customer understanding on interests in real-time

Go-to-Market Faster

• 95% time saved in going to market for a new or current product

Increase Revenue

• 40% higher customers that are purchasing products from social media
• 30% higher qualified leads in pipeline

Costs Reduced

• 80% reduction in hours needed in marketing through the intelligent automation of tasks and completion of workflows

Sid is the only fully integrated marketing AI platform, built for the enterprise

Deep Intelligence

Gain deeper insights into your market, customers, and competitors to drive smarter business decisions by keeping your figure on the pulse of live streams of data. Chima combs through the world’s data to derive these insights for you.

Generate comprehensive reports

All sources of data and information are referenced

Gather deep intelligence on your targeted customers from all available sources of data including social media data. This will help you figure out what is going on with your customers in real time and what to do to best reach them.

Marketing Strategist

Use Sid to gain strategic insights to position your products for success. With Sid, you can gather comprehensive intelligence on product, price, place, and promotion strategies, as well as insights on industry forces and key personnel considerations.

Collect pricing data from the market

Product value proposition and strategy on positioning

Understand and define your product’s value proposition and strategize on positioning to target your ideal customers

Collect intelligence on how best to place you product to maximize revenue

Develop various promotion strategies to effectively reach your intended audience

Create Content, Reports, Decks

Customers can spot where AI is used to generate content. Through Sid you can overcome this by generating highly personalized content for individual customers, outperforming the level of customization even a human can at scale.

Personalized pitch decks (company branding, style, tone etc.)

Personalized marketing campaign content (image, video, text, audio)

Complete Request For Proposals (RFPs)

Update and Optimize your Websites

Create Blogs based on the gaps you see your customers have from Sid’s intelligence

Complete comprehensive case studies

Create personalized newsletters for individual customers

Execute on Campaigns

Use Sid to find your ideal customers and then autonomously reach out to them. Sid will also / A/B test and optimize the performance of these campaigns.

Autonomous BDRs: reaches out to qualified customers on a continuous basis to achieve certain goals for you (e.g. book 100 demo meetings in next calendar month)

Autonomous digital specialists: creates content for your product and that leverages current market and customer trends. You can then execute on those campaigns from Sid and track performance.

Website Building and SEO Optimization

Through Sid you can setup and optimize your websites and landing pages for your intended audience and optimize and make sure you are performing SEO on autopilot.

Website builder: build and optimize your website for specific groups of customers or even right down to individual customers to increase conversion and improve user experience.

SEO agent: with Chima’s autopilot SEO agents you can optimize your website on a continuous basis to bring in organic traffic.

Analytics: Learn and Optimize

Sid learns your marketing flow, goals and intentions and is able to improve outputs and execution abilities from the performance of content with your audience. Think of this as robust A/B testing on autopilot.

Create more targeted and personalized content based on your specific target market that is responding to your product

Continuously track engagement metrics across all campaigns on social media and emails etc. and optimize from these automatically to increase engagement

Intelligently scale up outreach to achieve your lead goals (e.g. to book 100 meetings on the calendar Sid will scale up outreach and learn from past performance to increase conversions)

Gather deeper intelligence about different customer segments to test the fit of your product

Request a demo and be among the leading enterprises who truly know their customers.

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