January 15, 2024
There are more generative AI startups that are launching out of Y Combinator than ever before.

Y Combinator's virtual Demo Day kicked off earlier this month, and the 282 startups in its winter 2023 batch debuted to an audience of tech investors and enthusiasts what they have been building.

Combinator's virtual Demo Day kicks off this week, when the 282 startups in the winter 2023 batch will debut to an audience of tech investors and enthusiasts what they have been building for the last three months.

The famed accelerator hosts two batches of startups a year for a three-month program that's part startup school, part mentorship. The admission team typically reviews over 20,000 applications for each batch, according to its head of admissions, and only 1% to 2% of companies are accepted.

This year, the hottest topic in startup and VC land is generative AI, and this cohort saw a jump in the number of generative AI startups that made the cut. The last cohort had only nine startups that described themselves as generative AI companies, but the current one has over 50 startups in the category.

While not all of YC's startups have come out of stealth ahead of Demo Day, Insider researched, vetted, and rounded up 55 generative AI companies in the winter 2023 batch that have launched so far.


Chima cofounders Nikhara and Kiara Nirghin. Chima

Location: San Francisco, California

What it does: Chima was founded in 2022 by sisters Kiara and Nikhara Nirghin to help solve  problems around customizing generative AI models for large firms, that Nikhara saw firsthand while working at Deloitte and Goldman Sachs.

"Companies struggle to customize their generative AI models by taking advantage of their existing customer and enterprise data," Kiara Nirghin told Insider. "One of the ways Chima solves for this is through deploying interoperable technology in real time."

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