January 15, 2024
AI, generative AI boom at Y Combinator Demo Day. More startups than ever are developing artificial intelligence.

Across the entire cohort, 96 companies have AI or generative AI tags in their descriptions on the YC website. More than 80% of those are based in the Bay Area.

More startups than ever are developing artificial intelligence technology or generative AI products at Y Combinator,which kicked off its Winter 2023 Demo Day on Wednesday.Across the entire cohort, 96 companies have AI or generative AI tags in their descriptions on the YC website. Morethan 80% of those are based in the Bay Area.The generative AI tag shows up in YC's database as far back as 2017, but the category has only recently exploded —the current batch has 54 companies identified in the category and close to two-thirds of them are in the Bay Area.For more details about startups in categories other than AI in the Winter 2023 batch, click here.

OfOne co-founders CEO Will Edwards (center) and CTO Adam Proschek (right) with their first employee Bryan Monti. OfOne participated in Y Combinator's Winter 2023 batch.

Here are all of the Bay Area startups and founders developing AI or generative AI products:


  1. AlphaWatch AI (San Francisco) — Jackson Chen and Varun Varahabhotla
  2. Ariglad (San Francisco/Canada/Denmark) — Ali Avci and Sophie Wyne
  3. Atri Labs (San Francisco) — Darshita Chaturvedia and Shyam Swaroop
  4. BabylonAI (San Francisco/Switzerland) — Rangel Milushev and Ahmad Roumie
  5. Blocktool (San Francisco) — Nicolas Bustamante and Edouard Godfrey
  6. Bluebirds (San Francisco) — Rohan Punamia and Kunal Punera
  7. Chart (San Francisco/New York) — Fatih Celikbas
  8. CorgiAI (San Francisco/Singapore) — Saif Farooqui
  9. Double (Redwood City) — Wesley Yue and Gonzalo Espinoza Graham
  10. Extend (San Francisco) — Kushal Byatnal
  11. Hadrius (San Francisco/New York) — Allen Calderwood, Thomas Stewart and Som Mohapatra
  12. Haven (San Francisco) — Juan Burgos, Satya Koppu and Pranav Neyveli
  13. Intently (San Francisco) — Mikalai Melchanka, Slava Solonitsyn and Dmitry Starodubtsev
  14. JustPaid.io (Mountain View/Netherlands) — Anelya Grant, Daniel Kivatinos and Vinay Datta Pinnaka
  15. Latent (San Francisco) — Rishabh Jain and Sri Somasundaram
  16. Layup (San Francisco) — Badal Jain, Michael Lemm and Ryan Xue
  17. MagnaPlay (San Francisco/Brazil) — Pedro Esteves and Paulo Rodrigues
  18. Narrative (San Francisco) — Suchit Dubey and Akshit Khurana
  19. Orchid (San Francisco) — Joseph Pomianowski and Daniel Varga
  20. Pair AI (San Francisco) — Parth Detroja and Jason Goodison
  21. Plutis (San Francisco/New York) — Kamil Ali and Asim Hirji
  22. PoplarML (San Francisco) — Evan Chu and Danna Liu
  23. pyq (San Francisco/New York/Seattle) — Emily Dorsey and Aman Raghuvanshi
  24. Rollstack (San Francisco/New York/Paris/Dubai/Morocco) — Saad Bahir, Nabil Jallouli and Younes Jallouli
  25. Rubber Ducky Labs (San Francisco) — Georgia Hong and Alexandra Johnson
  26. Scanbase (San Francisco/Los Angeles) — Jeffrey Lange and Steve Roger
  27. Squak (San Francisco) — Eitan Borgnia, Elijah Sorey and Preston Zhou
  28. Unstatiq (San Francisco) — Sachin Jaishankar and Nishanth Singaraju
  29. Untether Labs (San Francisco) — Lucas Della Bella and Aditya Sharma
  30. Vocode (San Francisco) — Kian Hooshmand and Ajay Raj

Generative AI

  1. AiFlow (San Francisco) — Josh Gardner and Nicholas Manske
  2. Anarchy (San Francisco/Switzerland) — Matthew Mirman and James Spoor
  3. Avoca (San Francisco) — Tyson Chen and Apurva Shrivastava
  4. Baseplate (San Francisco) — Andrew Luo and Ani Gottiparthy
  5. BerriAI (San Francisco) — Krrish Dholakia and Ishaan Jaffer
  6. Buildt (San Francisco) — Yang Li, Alistair Pullen and Sam Stenner
  7. Cardinal (San Francisco/Austin) — Mor Sela and Wiz
  8. Chima (San Francisco) — Kiara Nirghin and Nikhara Nirghin
  9. Clueso (San Francisco/India) — Akash Anand, Neel Balar and Prajwal Prakash
  10. CodeComplete (San Francisco) — Lydia Ding and Max Lu
  11. Coldreach (San Francisco) — Hankel Bao and Xiaohan Shen
  12. Decoherence (San Francisco/Seattle) — Rishi Bhuta and Will Stith
  13. Defog AI (San Francisco/Singapore) — Medha Basu and Rishabh Srivastava
  14. EzDubs (San Francisco) — Amrutavarsh Kinagi and Padmanabhan Krishnamurthy
  15. Fabius (San Francisco) — Andy Day and Neil Madsen
  16. GradientJ (San Francisco/New York/Austin/Miami) — Oscar A. Martinez and Daniel Bassett
  17. Helicone (San Francisco) — Scott Nguyen, Barak Oshri and Justin Torre
  18. Iliad (San Francisco/Pittsburgh) — Matthew Turnshek
  19. Inkeep (San Francisco/New York) — Nick Gomez and Robert Tran
  20. Kyber (San Jose/New York) — Sav Gadoo and Arvind Sontha
  21. Lasso (San Francisco) — Gautam Bose and Lucas Ochoa
  22. Lightski (San Francisco) — Richard Hwang and Hansen Qian
  23. Linum (San Francisco) — Manu Chopra and Sahil Chopra
  24. Lume (San Francisco) — Nicolas Machado, Robert Ross and Nebyou Zewde
  25. OfOne (Oakland) — Will Edwards and Adam Proschek
  26. OpenSight (San Francisco/Sunnyvale) — Jeff Huang, Victoria Wan and Ruoni Wang
  27. Outerbase (San Francisco/Pittsburgh) — Brandon Strittmatter and Brayden Wilmoth
  28. Parabolic (San Francisco) — Shub Viragi
  29. Persana AI (San Francisco) — Sriya Maram and Rush Shahani
  30. Play.ht (Mountain View) — Hammad Syed and Mahmoud Felfel
  31. Rubbrband (San Francisco) — Abhinav Gopal, Darren Hsu and Jeremy Lee
  32. Second (San Francisco) — Eric Rowell
  33. Sidekick (San Francisco/Canada) — Ayan Bandyopadhyay and Jason Fan
  34. SpeedyBrand (San Francisco/Canada) — Ayush Jasuja, Jatin Mehta and Ranti Dev Sharma
  35. Stack AI (San Francisco) — Bernardo Aceituno and Toni Rosinol
  36. Syncly (San Francisco/Boston/Korea) — Joseph Lee, Jongsoo Keum and Kwan Yoon
  37. Truewind (San Francisco) — Tennison Chan and Alex Lee
  38. Turntable (San Francisco) — Wally Gurzynski, Justin Leder and Ian Tracey
  39. UpTrain AI (San Francisco/India) — Sourabh Agrawal, Vipul Gupta and Shikha Mohanty
  40. Vellum (San Francisco/New York) — Sidd Seethepalli, Noa Flaherty and Akash Sharma
  41. Waveline (San Francisco/Switzerland) — Kyrill Hux, Nicolas Muntwyler, Jan Schnyder and Stan Wohlwend
  42. Wild Moose (San Francisco/Israel) — Yasmin Dunsky, Roei Schuster and Tom Tytunovich
  43. Yuma (San Francisco/Singapore) — Guillaume Luccisano
  44. Zenfetch (San Francisco/New York) — Akash Mandavilli and Gabe Villasana

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